Nashville Comics and Horror Con

We’ll be in Nashville this weekend! We look forward to a mini vacay behind the table!

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We’ll have both large and small printed collections, buttons, magnets, Tshirts and lots of other stuff for you. I’ll have my earrings with me, too, for the girls. :)

Hey, we also accept CREDIT CARDS now! (Shout out to Square!) Can’t wait to see you guys this weekend!

Heroes Con is coming fast! #fb

Our big convention of the year is almost upon us! We are busily creating new merchandise and a new Think Weasel! collection for congoers. We’ll have a spooty new vertical banner, so it’ll be easy to find us this year. Look for this:

Look for this at Heroes!

We’ll have new buttons, new sketch cards, new prints of selected strips, new t-shirts (in the online store, but not at the show), a new large Think Weasel! collection and I’ll have new jewelry and my brand new line of coasters. For those of you who are observant, you might have noticed some new comics listed on that banner. Well, YES, they are new and they will be debuting at the con. :)

We are very excited to attend Heroes. It’s our only big con this year, so it’s kind of our Christmas. We hope to see everyone there! We’re also doing the Knoxville convention, so if you’re in the area, please come see us!

Think Weasel News!

There’s always stuff knocking around in our heads for Weasel merch and such. The current ideas are, in no particular order:
– Larry the Llama (Alpaca, actually) shirts
– Weasel Pair shirts
– some sort of Weasel character Shrinky Dinks. Keychains? Earrings? Suggestions welcome!
– comic strip templates. People ask Nick about this all the time, so we’ve decided to sell them in hard copy form as well as a pdf download on the site. We’ll sell them at Cons, too.
– new pins! Not sure of which characters yet, but probably 3 more

Also, we are going to roll out two new comic sites before Heroes Con (June 3-5). We are rolling out Drama Llamas, Inc and Awkward Ninja Squad. The Intermission Comics folks will have their own space eventually as well. :)

We will, of course, be at Heroes Convention in Charlotte NC the first weekend in June. I think we’ll be in the same location as last year so come say HI and check out our new stuff!

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Get the comic MANY ways!

We got listed with!! You can now find Think Weasel small collections on via app or web. The first collection *should* be available for free. They have it listed at $1.99 right now, but they should be changing it. Then they’ll be either $1.49 or $1.99 for subsequent issues.

You can also read Think Weasel! with Kapow!, an RSS reader app available in the iTunes store. We are in the process of getting on the new Comics Vox site and I plan to go for Comixology as well.

We will sell the small collections on these sites, still have the web strip free and we’ll sell the large collections at Cons. That’s the plan for now. We might also put the large collections on the Think Weasel! site along with sketchcards.