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Company Profile:
IndigoDragon has been around in various incarnations since 1998. We began as a Macintosh support company then morphed into a graphic design company and did both of these things until 2008, when we took a break from that to launch a webcomic, ThinkWeasel!, which has about 400 comics up for your enjoyment. Find the Think Weasel books,¬†sketch cards, original art and other merchandise at Think Weasel’s Storenvy Shop!. We have a selection of T shirts available at SpreadShirt: Weasel, Larry Llama, Awkward Ninja and Adorkable.

Since 2014, we have been diversifying and in addition to graphic design and Apple support, we’ve got some other services to offer, such as arcade games and general office administration services. Read on!

We have a vintage arcade division: Player One Arcade Services. We buy, sell, rent and refurbish all types of arcade games. We work with several venues around Atlanta. Please enquire if you are interested in adding arcade games to your business or your basement!

Angela and Nick Mizgala are both long time Mac fanatics and general nerds. Nick has 20+ years of pre-press experience and graphic design and is currently the IT Manager for the pre-press shop where he works. Nick is the artist who creates the worlds of the Weasels, Llamas and Ninjas. And he is the driving force behind Player One Arcade Services.

Angela has been a Mac fanatic and web nerd since 1995. Although retired from Mac support, she is still doing graphics and administrative work for hire. Angela has been doing restaurant office management for about 15 years, tackling tasks such as:
A/P billing
Advertising Design
Website Design
Menu design
Social Media management
Contract management
Vendor Relations
Online Payroll management
QuickBooks use
Inventory pricing

If you need administrative help, please shoot an email to the above address. Our rates are competitive and there is no weekly minimum.

In addition to administration of all the various divisions of IndigoDragon, Angela also pursues several crafting hobbies such as silver/bead earrings and PMC (Precious Metal Clay). Find her jewelry and other projects at Boneless Cat Designs on Etsy.