Restaurant Support On Demand

I have been doing restaurant administration for over 20 years! I am very good at it and I’d like to have another client or two.

Over the years, I’ve done just about everything you can do to run a restaurant: Soup to nuts, as they say. :)

I want to offer support options for small businesses for you on an hourly basis or on a regular basis – whatever fits your needs and budget. Most support services (bookkeeping, CPA, payroll, etc.) want you to sign a contract and they are all or nothing. What I want to offer is exactly what you NEED, if it’s a one time thing or something recurring. As much or as little as you want, ON DEMAND. Small businesses, especially restaurants, have small margins and often can’t afford a big company’s rates. My per hour rates are very reasonable and I’m willing to do per gig pricing as well.

Here are the things I can do for you (not exhaustive):
– light bookkeeping with Quickbooks (entering checks, managing checkbook, entering Gen Journal, bank rec, reports)
– A/P, accounts payable (paying vendors’ billing, writing checks, etc.)
– inventory pricing
– vendor comps (comparison pricing of vendors)
– contract negotiations (gas, internet, cell phones, lease, etc.)
– design services (logos, menus, signs, biz cards, ads, etc.)
– website creation and administration
– restaurant design and layout
– recipe creation and testing

I have been around restaurants my whole life, my family owned several restaurants in the 70s and 80s. I’ve been Administrative Assistant to a local restaurant owner for over 20 years and I’ve been cooking my whole life. I like to do catering on the side – just small gigs. I excel at taking any cuisine and making it party friendly.

So, if you are a restaurant or small business you need some help, I’d like to offer you as much or as little as you need. Email me at misangelaspam at gmail or via my FB page.

Attention Vintage Mac Folks!!

There is an old software repository that has ALL THE VINTAGE SOFTWARE for Mac you could possibly want! It is a great resource and we support them!

It is the Macintosh Repository and it is glorious!

We’re looking into doing some virtual machine wizardry in which to run some older software, which will enable us to finally upgrade our hardware.

Viva la VINTAGE! :)

New Policy Regarding Apple Support

As of today (Mar 23, 2021), we no longer offer hardware upgrades or repairs to Apple laptops or iMacs that require opening the case via suction cups. We thought that using a third party for working on those would be OK, but it is NOT.

We have a client with an iMac that needed a RAM and HD upgrade, so we took it to a local Mac service shop. The tech who worked on it upgraded the OS w/out permission, which required us to test and upgrade ALL the client’s software BY HAND when she got it back (thankfully, the proprietary software still worked). So far, this little adventure has cost us about 5 hours of unbillable time ($375 and counting). We are done with these units. If any upgrade or repair requires cracking into a case, TAKE IT TO AN APPLE AUTHORIZED DEALER OR THE APPLE STORE.

We simply cannot be responsible for the liability of working on these systems nor can we spare the time to fix the errors of third parties.

We will continue to offer Apple Support services to any Apple computer, but we will not do any hardware upgrades or repairs to these types of units, nor will we intermediate with a third party. Unfortunately, the service shop we used is not reliable, so we do not have any recommendations for repair shops at this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Catering, Party Planning & Meal Prep

I am available for catering, party planning, small dinners and meal prep.

Catering generally starts at $15 per person for cocktail nibblies, but every job is quoted individually. A sample catering menu is here. I can do up to about 50 people for cocktails/parties, it depends on the menu.

Meal prep is quoted after I find out what you’re wanting. It is generally $10 per person, per meal. But pricing really depends on what I’m prepping. Market prices for veg and proteins vary widely, so please email me for more details. I also charge a small fee for delivery.

A selection of my food is in this gallery!

You can contact me via:
email: angelapm at indigodragon dot net
FB: @indigodragonstudios


We’re about to update this site to a new modern theme!

And I hope to post more here in the coming months as well. Since the demise of the Pub concept, we are trying to revive some of our artistic pursuits. Nick is drawing to rehab his hand and I hope to get my catering going.

The site might be wonky while it’s being refurbed. We apologize for any inconvenience.