We’re about to update this site to a new modern theme!

And I hope to post more here in the coming months as well. Since the demise of the Pub concept, we are trying to revive some of our artistic pursuits. Nick is drawing to rehab his hand and I hope to get my catering going.

The site might be wonky while it’s being refurbed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

WP tips and tricks for security

Our sites are all pretty old, so they are DDOS attack magnets. Bots LOVE our sites! This is why we have outages on the server quite frequently. The people at Siteground, while very responsive, really don’t do any WordPress support – despite their advertising. All they ever offered was fiddling with the robots.txt file. This can work, but it’s REALLY hard to figure out which bots to block without a list.

So we went forth into WP plugins and we’ve found a couple that work really well: Blackhole for Bad Bots and StopBadBots. The first one, Blackhole, requires that you set up a robots.txt file (if you don’t have one) and then add some code to it. I guess it works, there’s no real feedback. It’s always good to have a robots.txt file, so no harm setting this up.

The second one, however, StopBadBots, is wonderful. It REALLY works and it gives feedback so you can see which bots are the ones hammering your site. No fiddling with robots.txt files or any of that. I highly recommend using this plugin to defend your site against bots.

Also: use Wordfence. It offers tons of security as far as hacking, like blocking IPs that repeatedly try to log in and offering multi level login security.

Hosts are pretty useless when it comes to supporting WordPress. I’ve never gotten any decent support from a host. The important part about WP is security. You’ve GOT to lock it down from login attempts and bots that hit your site and drive up traffic, which can slow and even bring down your server.

Arcade Game Rules in GA

Did you know that restaurants and other places of business can have arcade games without dealing with GA licensing and fees? YOU CAN! As long as the games are set to FREE PLAY, you do NOT have to do any registering or licensing!

If you own a business and have thought about adding some games to entertain your guests, Player One Arcade Services can certainly help you out! We rent games as well as sell them and our rates are the best in Atlanta.

We offer dedicated games as well as multicades with dozens of games. We can also do custom games. ALL can be set to FREE PLAY. See our Projects list (sidebar or top navigation) for photos of our work.

Interested? Hit us up: angelapm at indigodragon dot net.