WP tips and tricks for security

Our sites are all pretty old, so they are DDOS attack magnets. Bots LOVE our sites! This is why we have outages on the server quite frequently. The people at Siteground, while very responsive, really don’t do any WordPress support – despite their advertising. All they ever offered was fiddling with the robots.txt file. This can work, but it’s REALLY hard to figure out which bots to block without a list.

So we went forth into WP plugins and we’ve found a couple that work really well: Blackhole for Bad Bots and StopBadBots. The first one, Blackhole, requires that you set up a robots.txt file (if you don’t have one) and then add some code to it. I guess it works, there’s no real feedback. It’s always good to have a robots.txt file, so no harm setting this up.

The second one, however, StopBadBots, is wonderful. It REALLY works and it gives feedback so you can see which bots are the ones hammering your site. No fiddling with robots.txt files or any of that. I highly recommend using this plugin to defend your site against bots.

Also: use Wordfence. It offers tons of security as far as hacking, like blocking IPs that repeatedly try to log in and offering multi level login security.

Hosts are pretty useless when it comes to supporting WordPress. I’ve never gotten any decent support from a host. The important part about WP is security. You’ve GOT to lock it down from login attempts and bots that hit your site and drive up traffic, which can slow and even bring down your server.

Arcade Game Rules in GA

Did you know that restaurants and other places of business can have arcade games without dealing with GA licensing and fees? YOU CAN! As long as the games are set to FREE PLAY, you do NOT have to do any registering or licensing!

If you own a business and have thought about adding some games to entertain your guests, Player One Arcade Services can certainly help you out! We rent games as well as sell them and our rates are the best in Atlanta.

We offer dedicated games as well as multicades with dozens of games. We can also do custom games. ALL can be set to FREE PLAY. See our Projects list (sidebar or top navigation) for photos of our work.

Interested? Hit us up: angelapm at indigodragon dot net.

New PMC Pure Silver items at Boneless Cat!

I’ve begun working with PMC (Precious Metal Clay), PMC3 to be specific. You can work with it like any clay and even recycle items that you don’t like once they are dry (but not fired) so there’s no waste. I really love the flexibility! I like the organic look of the clay as well. Every item is one of a kind! I don’t use molds, I hand press and finish each piece. :)

I also hand oxidize sterling silver chains to match my pendants!

Come over to Boneless Cat Designs and use SKULLIES for free shipping!

Virgin Mobile USA Tips

In light of the truly sucktastic service we’ve gotten from Virgin Mobile USA this week, I felt I should write a post in the hopes that it might help others who use VMU but can’t get things to work. Most of this post has to do with iPhones in particular, since that is what we have experience with, but I’m sure a lot of it will help with any device you have using the Virgin (which is under Sprint) service. This post is about USA service only. BTW, Sprint is dying and it will take VM with it. I wouldn’t advise spending a lot of dough on a phone with either of them. It’s a shame, we’ve used VMU for over a decade. I’ll miss them, shitty customer service and all. :(

Basic Virgin Mobile FAQ:

– Virgin Mobile shares bandwidth on the Sprint network in the US. This used to be a good thing, now, not so much. Sprint is dying. America is the land of the oligopoly and eventually there’ll be just AT&T for phone and satellite TV, but for now there is Verizon (CDMA network) and AT&T (GSM network). VM uses the CDMA network. That means the phone must be CDMA. You cannot use a CDMA phone on a GSM network or vice versa. Here is an article about bringing a phone to Verizon, FYI.

– NO, VMU will NOT be getting the iPhone 5 series back in stock. Every VSU employee will tell you “Yes! It’ll be any day now!”, which is a lie. The front page of their site is a lie. I asked them over a year ago when they’d be getting the iPhone 5 in stock and they said “Soon!!” The fact is that VMU bought their iPhone stock and then it sold out. IPhone 5 series is not being manufactured any more, so their inventory is finite. You must buy a 5 series (or 4 series) off of eBay. Which is generally not a problem, just make sure it’s a VMU phone with a clean ESN. If it’s a 5 series, you’ll need to also buy a new card for it (it is a UICC card, which is just a newer generation SIM card).

– YES, a used iPhone 5 and up WILL require a new UICC card. Do not listen to the VMU employees that tell you otherwise. NO you do NOT need a card for a 4 series phone. Actually these require NO CARD in the slot.

– VMU has really horrible support. Which is probably why you’re here. It will not get better, so it’s something you must make peace with. Hopefully something in here will help you.

– Don’t even bother with trying to use the website to swap phones. Just suck it up and call.

– The Twitter people (@VMUcare) suck just as much as the phone people. Don’t bother.

– If you have a “support” person who clearly does not understand what you are calling about, just say goodbye and call back. You may have to do this many times. Be prepared to spend a LOT of time on the phone. You simply have to persevere and keep cycling through support people until you find one that has a clue. No way around it.

There is a glitch in the VMU system that will render your iPhone 4 series unable to send/receive calls when you update the OS. Virgin support is apparently unaware of this and cannot help you. But I can. Simply call ##873283# and your phone service will be restored. I am not sure if this applies to 5 series (or 6 series) iPhones. I’ll update this when Nick updates his 5c.

How to buy a new iPhone and get it activated with VMU:

– Go go eBay and look for phones specifically labeled Virgin Mobile. Make sure they have a clean ESN – which means they are not stolen and/or bricked.

– If you are buying a 4 series iPhone, you’ll need to REMOVE the SIM/UICC card that might still be in it. My phone had been used with TMobile, apparently, since there was a card in the slot. I know this because when I called to activate the phone, it kept giving me an “incompatible SIM card” error. Of course the “support” person in Philippines did not know what this meant. I am a nerd, so I knew to pop out the card, but the “support” dude kept telling me I had to take the phone to Apple. Yeah, NO. 4 series iPhones do NOT need any card in the slot to work with VMU. Ignore whatever else you’re told, just pop out the old card and then call VMU to activate. You can google how to remove a SIM card, it’s a snap.

– If you are buying a 5 series phone, you’ll need to buy a NEW SIM/UICC card for it. They sell those on eBay, too. Once you get your new phone and the card, this is where the fun begins. And by fun, I mean soul sucking hell. :( You’ll have to call VMU to get the phone and its card activated. The problem is that most of the “support” people don’t know how to do this. They will attempt to activate the phone w/out activating the card, which, of course will not work. It took my husband FOUR DAYS to find a support person who could understand this issue and activate the UICC. Once the card was paired with the phone’s id#, all was well. Getting there was a chore, for sure.

Those are the biggest issues with iPhones and VMU. They won’t get any better. My advice is to go with another provider if you’re just setting up cell phone service. As I said at the top, Sprint is dying and with it, Virgin Mobile USA. We assume another provider will buy up the bandwidth and service (Verizon most likely) but the heyday of good VMU service is gone.

Do not get into a contract with any provider. Just buy the phone that will work with one of the two networks and then shop providers. Like I mentioned, there are only two networks in the US and AT&T (GSM) is dominant. Their non-contract division is called Cricket. Even tho I detest AT&T, I think Cricket is the best choice for non-contract. If you have a Virgin/Sprint phone and want to switch, your only choice is Verizon – which may or may not take your phone.

Cell phone service is as screwed up as broadband and TV in the US. It won’t get any better. Just try to find the best deal you can and don’t be afraid to change if you’re not happy. I think too many people in the US are afraid to change their providers. In addition, make sure to support efforts to break up and/or regulate our broadband, TV and cell services. The reason American services are so bad is due to the government being paid off by monopolies and oligopolies that collude to keep prices high and service low. You must speak out about this to your US House Reps and Senators. American cell service sucks because we let it suck. Remember: we are a third world country when it comes to broadband/TV/Phone services.

Good luck with your cell phone service! I hope something here may have helped.

Decatur Drink n Draw!

We are proud sponsors of the NEW Decatur Drink n Draw! See the FB page for all the deets! NEXT session is Dec 2 2014 at 8pm – come early to get a good spot!

Drink & Draw

We are co-sponsors with The Imperial in Oakhurst. Many thanks to Robert for working with us on this project.

Please download the flyer PDF and post anywhere you think artists will see it! We need to pack the bar and make Drink n Draw continue into 2015 with professional models!

PDF is full colour 356k. Please try to print in colour if at all possible! Drink n Draw flyer Nov 4.