Graphicly gave us a big surprise: they put all our small collections online for us! Free! We don’t know why they did it, but we’ll take it!


I really can’t articulate how much Graphicly has meant to us. Their support for an unknown, tiny comic has been unflagging and we are eternally grateful. If you are starting out and want to get digital distribution without all the hassle and for a VERY reasonable price, please talk to Graphicly. They will rock your face off!

You can find all three collections (the first is FREE) in these fine establishments: Kindle/Amazon, Nook and you can search “think weasel” on iTunes!

If you woud be so kind to download the first one for free and give us some reviews, we’ll send you a signed hard copy if you want one. We are so stoked, we’ll send you one just for ASKING! :) Drop us a line or comment here if you’d like a first collection sent to you.