WP tips and tricks for security

Our sites are all pretty old, so they are DDOS attack magnets. Bots LOVE our sites! This is why we have outages on the server quite frequently. The people at Siteground, while very responsive, really don’t do any WordPress support – despite their advertising. All they ever offered was fiddling with the robots.txt file. This […]

Virgin Mobile USA Tips

In light of the truly sucktastic service we’ve gotten from Virgin Mobile USA this week, I felt I should write a post in the hopes that it might help others who use VMU but can’t get things to work. Most of this post has to do with iPhones in particular, since that is what we […]

Tips and Tricks for your MacBookPro

I wrote this massive support email to a friend and thought I should share it with the class! Stuff everyone should know! It’s written for Macs, but the laptop tips are for everyone.

Backup Drive: This one will work great: (Best Buy, $70). You just plug it in, format it for Mac and point […]

Twitter Primer

Twitter is sort of like text messaging, but shorter: only 140 characters. Twitter users are identified by their @ handles: @misangela, @taqueriavecino, @carolynscupcake. If you don’t put the @, then that person will not know that you are tweeting to or about them.

Hashtags (#) are officially used to make a topic trend, but […]