Twitpic widget fix

I’m using the Twitpic widget on my blog and while I really liked the look, it was slow. A kind twitter user (who happens to work for Twitpic) hooked me up with a fix for the slow loading javascript.

You add /async=”true”/ right before the closing tag, like so:

fix for twitpic widget
Speed fix for twitpic widget

Works like a charm!

Heroes Con

Thursday June 3 – Sunday June 6 we’ll be Heroes Con in Charlotte NC! Please come by Artist’s Alley booth #342 and say hi!

For up to date con info and pix, please follow @misangela and @thinkweasel.

Updated sections

You’ll find the pages (on the left) have been fleshed out, complete with examples of our graphic design. More content to come!

The next phase of this project is to start posting news and articles about design, Macs, comics and other areas that we find interesting and reflect what we do. I’ll also add the Twitter feed to a sidebar. (@indigodragonIDS)

As always, questions are encouraged and comments are open. Say hi! :-)