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Free Princess Ugg

The good people over at Multiversity Comics have a present for you! Here is what they have to say about it:

We have a special treat for all of you today, as our friends at Oni Press have shared the entire first issue of Ted Naifeh’s “Princess Ugg” with us for you to read for free. That’s right. This critically acclaimed and tremendously entertaining all-ages comic about the barbarian princess of Grimmeria and her quest for schooling is available for you to read in whole below, along with an exclusive cover for you to see.

Having first heard Ted toss around this idea years ago at DragonCon, I’m glad to see it finally come into being! Go take a look, its well worth it.

Read the Entire “Princess Ugg” #1 from Ted Naifeh and Oni Press For Free

Princess Ugg Cover